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Šalmas Abus Smiley 3.0 purple star

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34,95 € 34.95
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34,95 € 34.95
Prekės kodas: HELM2152
Just as children develop a little further every day, so does the popular Smiley children's helmet. Version 3.0 preserves all the happy memories and prepares for the future - with practical features and great, child-friendly designs. The kids grow up every single day and so did the Smiley. Version 3.0 keeps all the happy memories and prepares for the future - just like real life. Our best-selling helmet for small children just got even better! With a completely revised outer shape and adapted features, the Smiley 3.0 enters a new era. The popular kids helmet accompanies children on their first attempts at riding - whether on a balance bike, a tricycle or their first own bike. The deep fit and visor-like front edge offers additional protection for a child's head. The helmet can be easily adjusted to the circumference of the head via the height-adjustable adjustment system - both in width and height at the back of the head. Another advantage of the height-adjustable adjustment system is for children with long hair, as this can make room for a ponytail. This stops the adjustment wheel from pressing annoyingly on a ponytail. The helmet is also made more comfortable to wear by a thick chin pad. With 16 different themes, it’ll be hard to choose which Smiley 3.0 should be part of your family. The shiny helmets are available with child-friendly patterns as well as in solid colours. With so much to choose from, every boy and girl will find a head guard they love to wear.

In-Mould for a permanent bond between the outer shell and the shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)
The helmet extends into the temple and neck area for better all-round protection
Height-adjustable adjustment system with ponytail compatibility for riders with longer hair
Zoom Ace Kids - height-adjustable adjustment system with non-slip adjustment wheel at the back of the head
The size is adjusted via a ring made of robust and flexible plastic for optimum stability and adaptability
Excellent ventilation with 4 air inlets and 4 air outlets
Removable and washable padding provide maximum comfort for the wearer
Integrated fly net
Passive safety thanks to reflectors
Weight: 220 g

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