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Padanga 26" Schwalbe Jumbo Jim HS 466, Evo Fold. 110-559 SS Addix SpeedGrip

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99,00 € 99
Prekės kodas: 11600815a
Push yourself to your limits and demand the most from your tyre. When the pressure is on, it shows its true colors: more grip, more speed, more mileage. Experience a different dimension. ADDIX – the new compound for all legendary tyres of the Evo line. Extremely light. The large volume can be ridden with extremely low air pressure. Ideal on deep soils, rough and very loose terrain. Available in widths of 100, 110 or 120 millimetres.

Size: ETRTO 110-559 (26 x 4.40 Inch)
Typ: Folding
Compound: Addix Speedgrip
Execution: SnakeSkin, TL Easy
Color: Black
Skin: Snake
Weight: 1230 g (43 oz)
Pressure: 0.40 - 2.00 Bar (5 - 30 psi)
Maximum load: 120 kg
EPI: 127
Profil: HS466
Article number: 11600815.01
Tube: 13J

ADDIX SPEEDGRIP - The universal compound. It definitely has the widest range of use. Perfect for XC, AM and Trail: for the majority of Evo tyres there’s a version with ADDIX Speedgrip! It replaces the previous PaceStar compound where a significant difference, though not the only one, during extensive use is more mileage and a longer life. Lots of everything: speed, grip and durability. Combining all three characteristics to achieve the perfect compound is almost impossible in theory, but now we’ve done it with ADDIX Speedgrip to an extent that we never thought possible!

TUBELESS EASY (TL Easy/TLE) - The monofile SnakeSkin (SS) fabric on the side wall makes the tubeless conversion for the MTB extremely easy and safe. It also provides the best cut protection on the side wall. For this reason, Tubeless Easy with SnakeSkin comes as standard with our high-end MTB tyres in our EVOLUTION Line.
EVO tires provide a unique combination of low weight, excellent handling characteristics and top end puncture protection. The steeper angle at which the carcass threads lay provide the essential structure for an EVO tire. This particular carcass pattern increases flexibility and reduces rolling resistance. The EVO carcass is much more difficult and complex to make compared to a standard tire carcass.

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