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Priekinis pavarų perjungėjas Shimano ULTEGRA Di2 FD-R8050 Brazed-on 2x11-speed

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221,40 € 221.4
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221,40 € 221.4
Prekės kodas: IFDR8050F
SHIMANO ULTEGRA FD-R8050-F ensures quick and smooth front shifting under all circumstances, even when you’re shifting to the large chainring while riding out of the saddle. The digital Di2 control of the front derailleur means that the exact same power is used for each shift - reliable and precise shifting. Computer controlled auto trim functions means that you can keep focused on the trail without worrying about shifting. The FD-R8050 is compatible with Shimano Synchronized Shift, so you can fine tune your shifting preferences. A single shifter can control both front and rear shifting.

Programmed chainguide control
Shorter rear-center length (410 mm) with 135 mm O.L.D.
System communication with rear derailleur, combined with programmed chainguide control means minimal chance of chain drop
Quick and smooth front shifting under high pedaling torque
Redesigned to fit a wider gear pitch without sacrificing shifting performance

Compatible top gear teeth: 46-53T
Total capacity: 16T
Compatible chain type: HG-EV 11-speed/ HG-X11
Chain stay angle: 61-66°
Weight: 132 g
Down Swing
Compatible chain HG-EV 11-speed/ HG-X11
1 E-tube port
Firmware update by E-TUBE Project
Link bushings: 2
Mounting: Brazed-On
Material: aluminium

SEIS - innovative shift technology based on the SHIMANO INDEX SYSTEM (SIS) that has proved its superior gear changing characteristics over the years. The big difference is that in this case, the shifting action is provided for by electronics instead of mechanics. This electronic shifting system has been extensively tested over past two years by several professional riders in all conditions possible, such as rain, mud, low temperatures, cobble stone roads and combinations of all of these at the same time. Shifting is executed by simply pressing the button. No power is needed to shift, which gives important advantages since it is easier now to always keep a tight grip on the handlebar and to keep your concentration on riding instead on shifting. The shift system allows accurate and effortless shifting in difficult circumstances for example when you have cold hands or when you are completely exhausted. Furthermore, the shifting performance will never be affected by contaminated or stretched cables since the shifting signal is transferred electronically. The operating buttons work similarly to mechanical DUAL CONTROL LEVER so you don’t need to re-program your mind for the SEIS.
Di2 - The advantages of Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence) are clear for everybody who has tested it: changing gears becomes easier, effortless and faster by simply touching the shift buttons. Control at the top of your fingers. Additional benefits include an automatic trimming front derailleur, unmatched precision plus super easy installation and adjustment. This allows automatic chain guide movement in response to the gear position of the rear derailleur. There is no more need for concentration on trimming when riding.
HG-X11 - directional chain realize more smoother shifts and greater overall performance. Right and left sides are optimized for front and rear shifting respectively.
Shimano Synchronized Shifting - it is possible to control both derailleurs with just one shifter. With full Synchronized Shift, the front derailleur detects the position of the rear derailleur and automatically shifts to the most efficient gear for the best chainline, so you never have to worry about front shifting or correction shifts again. While semi-Synchronized Shift enables you to shift the front derailleur manually, allowing you optimal more control in choosing the best gear combination for your style of riding. The system automatically takes care of the necessary correction by shifting into the right rear gear for the best chainline. Synchronized Shift is completely compatible and customizable with E-tube.

Important: All Shimano Di2 electronic components require the same firmware version. In order to diagnose, read or update firmware, optional device is needed. Operating components with different firmware version may cause malfunction or loss of function.

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