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Slidinėjimo šalmas Uvex p1us rent 1st black

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44,00 € 44 89,95 €*
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44,00 € 44 89,95 €*
Prekės kodas: HELM1336
There are demands. Standards. And there is UVEX. We don't just comply with high demands, expectations and standards, WE EXCEED THEM

Sizes: 52-55CM
Weight: from 410 g

IAS helmet size adjustment system - Having the same head circumference does not necessarily guarantee that a helmet can provide maximum safety and comfort. Advanced fit systems provide the perfect adjustment, in every direction, to match every individual head shape.
HARDSHELL - An injection moulded outer shell and EPS inner shell creates a highly effective safety combination: impact resistant outside, shock absorbing inside. This complex construction enables installation of perfectly placed air vents and channels. For maximum safety and superb wearing comfort.
MONOMATIC - Multi-stage and anatomically shaped uvex’s monomatic comfort closure opens and closes at the touch of a button, with just one hand. The chin strap always sits perfectly.
FAS STRAP - Fast Adapting System webbing can be easily and continuously tailored to your exact head shape. The helmet stays securely on the head in all situations and the webbing straps are always in the best position.
HEADBAND HOLDER - uvex ski helmets offer more comfort, even in the smallest details: the integrated headband holder secures the goggles safely on the helmet in every situation.
VENT SYTEM - Innovative uvex vent system delivers optimal air circulation and reduces uncomfortable heat build-up in the helmet. The ventilation channels have been designed to quickly conduct warm air outside and pull fresh air in.

Please measure your head circumference to get the right helmet size.

Wearing an uvex helmet ensures your safety. Every helmet undergoes rigorous tests in our testing centre, so that the quality and function is guaranteed.

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